Ice Hockey for Sports Betting

Bookies have the challenge of choosing from a variety of sports to offer betting for their sports bettors. When it comes to winter sports one of the most popular disciplines is ice hockey. This is such a popular game that it gives the bookie a great opportunity to set up a full roster of ice hockey betting throughout the entire winter season.

Complex Sports Betting

Ice hockey can be considered one of the more complex forms of winter sports betting. Every bookie will have their own roster for betting allowed. But most will have a full lineup of competitions that allow for different types of bets.

Stanley Cup Winner

Perhaps one of the most popular winter sporting events for bet placing is the Stanley Cup Winner. This is fairly straight forward as the bet is going to be placed on which team is going to win the Stanley Cup. This is a bet that is going to depend on a series of games as each of the teams compete through a series of games for the win.

Additional Betting on Hockey Categories

For many avid hockey bettors just betting on who is going to win a game is not enough excitement. Bookies have quickly realized this and will set up a whole roster of possible betting activities on a particular game. A few examples are:

  • Period Betting
  • Goals
  • Match Markets

Then, within each of these categories, there are many subcategories where betting can take place.

With so many different options it means the bookie has to be really experienced at being able to offer all the variations in betting opportunities.

Not all bookies will provide the same betting options. The experienced ice hockey sports bettor will seek out those bookies that are offering the choices that they favor the most. Others will try different bookies until they find the one that they enjoy the most.