Russian Figure Skating Championships

The Russian figure skating championship took place at the very busy time, so there was no website to see online. Until a bit of time, only a few clips of the athletes who won the high prize were found online.

Plushenko’s dance moves are impressive, and nervous. And Sergei Voronov needed to be calmer on a long program. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva failed on a short show. But the long show is very good in both dance moves and choreography and music.

Oksana Domnina and Maksim Shabalin are of course on a higher level than other athletes, especially when Khokhlova. Novitsky did not participate in the sport championship.

And also, of course, the programs still need more cutting. I like their obligatory dance. I like Ksenia Makarova better than Alena Leonova. Overall it is a variety show, but thanks to its pretty creative choreography, there are also some interesting performances.

The performance I introduce below is performed by the pair of athletes Irina Slutskaya and Gediminas Taranda. Irina Slutskaya is a very famous female single skier in Russia. Sharp 3-turn spins and amazing Biellmann two-legged spins

And Gediminas Taranda is known as a famous ballerina in the 80s at the Opera House that was also full of stars. Of course he retired, now practicing ballet choreography.

Along with the talent of a professional ballet choreographer, Taranda and Aleksandr Zhulin set up this dance for a very unique performance. Of course too famous, and always evokes a very romantic, emotional feeling with scene 2 through the staging of Lev Ivanov.

The athletes train with experienced coaches from Russia. This is the famous land of winter art. They will give the best lessons so that the athletes can reach the level of international competition. Currently, to encourage this art to develop and seek talent, besides actively organizing the annual figure skating Championship.



Olympic PyeongChang – Message towards peace

The Winter Olympic Games will officially open in the Korean city of PyeongChang. This is the first time in 30 years that the Olympics have returned to Korea, since after the 1988.

Seoul Summer Olympics. At the same time, this is the second time the Winter Olympics have returned to Asia, exactly 20 years later. Olympic was held in Nagano city of Japan.

The PyeongChang Olympic is the largest Winter Olympics in history, in terms of both the number of athletes competing, and the logistics force. According to the announcement of the organizers, nearly 3,000 athletes from 92 countries and territories have confirmed to participate.

In addition, there are 55,684 employees and volunteers for this year’s Olympics. Many countries announced that they would send to Korea the most powerful sports group ever.

The most crowded group was American athletes with 242 people, followed by Canada – a powerhouse in ice hockey – with 230 athletes. Not strong in winter sports, but he also sent to PyeongChang a total of 59 athletes. This is three times the number sent to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia.

Meanwhile, Korea and Japan also contributed 123 athletes. And the Chinese sports team has a total of 82 athletes participating in many competitions.

Particularly for Southeast Asia, at this Olympics, Singapore and Malaysia participated for the first time. The Philippines also marked a return to the Winter Olympics after 22 years of absence in this arena.

Olympic PyeongChang 2018 is also the first Winter Olympics in history to have 102 Gold Medals awarded. These are covered in 15 categories of 7 disciplines.

To organize PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Korea spent 18 billion USD. Including the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium, with a capacity of 35,000 people. It was newly built for the opening and closing ceremonies of this grand event.

With these positive movements, Olympic PyeongChang becomes an event with the hope of reconciliation. Organizing Committee Chief Lee Hee-beom expressed hope that the PyeongChang Olympic will be a factor promoting peace in the region.

It paved the way for South Korea and North Korea to coexist peacefully instead of military tensions, open exchanges, rather than confrontations.

The most dangerous sport Winter Olympics

If you ask athletes who play winter sports, which is the most dangerous, the answer will definitely be Luge. It was ice skating on the back.

Runners will lie on their backs on a small sled, freeing them on a trough. Unlike Skeleton, Luge players will not see the road. Because raising the neck will reduce the speed of the vehicle.

Winter Olympics 2018: What You Need to Know Now | Time

Backward skating has been around since 1905, in Switzerland. By 1964, Luge was put into the official competition at the Winter Olympics. So far, this sport has always participated in the Winter Olympics held every 4 years.

Depending on the terrain of the racetrack, the car can reach speeds of 154 km for hour as in Whistler, Canada. At such a high speed, there is no protection except for a helmet, a small accident can completely kill the player’s life.

As at the Vancouver Olympics, Georgian athlete Nodar David Kumaritashvili passed away during a training session. His car overturned when cornering, as a result the athlete flew straight out of the trough. That smashed into the iron stake and stopped breathing on the way to the hospital.

Winter Olympics 2018: What sports are included at PyeongChang 2018 ...

The Jamaican roller coaster team was not appreciated at the Sochi Winter Olympics. It is also understandable because in tropical countries like Jamaica there are not many athletes competing in winter sports. So the Jamaican roller coaster team first appeared at the Winter Olympics after 12 years is also a success.

Even so, member of the Jamaican team Winston Watts has revealed his intention to invite “the fastest runner on the planet” Usain Bolt to attend. In roller skating, the first steps to bring a sledge into the starting position are very important and almost decisive to victory. And if Jamaica had Usain Bolt in the squad, maybe they’d make it.

Allgau – A familiar place for winter sports in Germany

Let’s come to the south of Germany to learn about Allgau. This is an extremely popular place to play winter sports. It is part of the Alps and has an average altitude of 2224m above sea level. Most of the area of ​​Allgau year round is covered with cold below 0 degrees C.

And you can choose one of nearly 400 locations here to try yourself with snow sports. From short, sloping roads with moderate slope. It is enough for all family members to get acquainted with the snow. Up to the steep slopes and more than 7km long from the top of the mountain for faster and more adventurous subjects.

8 tips voor het skiën van de perfecte afdaling

A little further north, in the mountains above 1,000m. The snow surface is thicker and friendlier than the perfect place for children to get acquainted with skis. While their parents tried their best in cross-country skiing.

And once tired, the journey to the center of the town will also become closer to the traditional skis of the Bavarian people.

Each year, the center of the town of Allgau welcomes 2.3 million visitors from around the world to come and enjoy their passion on the snow. Every weekend, the festival is held in the square around the church with music and cuisine typical of Bavaria.

All rooms at the Allgau Stern Hotel feature satellite TV and brightly furnished bathrooms.

Stelling: hoe beter je skiet, hoe kleiner het gebied mag zijn ...

The health and relaxation facilities at the Allgau Stern include plenty of saunas, beauty salons and a quiet area. There is also a large fitness area with facilities for guests to play billiards, bowling and table tennis.

Many cross-country ski trails and ski routes are located near the Allgau Stern Hotel. There is also a ski school at the hotel. Couples especially like this location

Skateboarding – A extreme sport

Different from what many people think, skateboarding is not just a trendy and transient adventure for young people. It has become close and close with young people of all ages.

For enthusiasts considered an art, a sport, a hobby, or simply an interesting means of transportation. It is considered a place to express the passion, creativity, freedom and generosity of youth.

hình ảnh : ván trượt, Trượt ván, thể thao mạo hiểm, các môn thể ...

Because of the risky characteristics and personality of this discipline, the majority of participants in the show are usually men. They have good health and endurance. However, there are still many passionate and devoted girls devoted to this adventurous art.

Due to its complicated skateboarding technique, it is difficult to manipulate, so over time it is seen as an interesting artistic discipline. Skateboards often have an oval shape, on boards with motifs showing the personality and style of the owner.

To master the basic skateboarding techniques, they must practice continuously for about 5 months. For more difficult techniques such as the beautiful rotation in the air, it takes about 2 to 3 years of hard training.

If skate is hard to say, it is not, but easier then not. To play this subject requires perseverance and love it really can do well. In skate there are so many skills, no one in the world can do it all.

Top 3 ván điện cân bằng đáng mua nhất hiện

This technique only needs to jump up. But it must be done in order to later be able to easily do other levels. For a novice, it is very difficult and difficult to do these movements. And maybe it is about 2-3 months, long then 1 year or never. It depends on your aptitude, like any other art.

Skateboarding is a risky sport, so no father or mother can rest assured that their child will practice it.

When seeing her daughter practicing and passionate about this somewhat risky sport. In the first, their family thought skateboarding would distract them from their studies. And even from the name of the sport make they could not be relieved.

Winter sports – The power of determination

Sleep comes extremely easily, meals become better than ever. So getting up early to do sports in the winter is really about the power of determination and a little courage.

In the winter, the pool is much more attractive than the summer. You should not wear a bikini in the winter pool. You will be cold on the way from the dressing room to the pool. Wear a winter swimsuit, warm and discreet. It also hides quite a bit of excess fat that was promptly formed when lazy.

Người Bị Viêm Mũi Dị Ứng Có Nên Đi Bơi Không?

Swim about 10 standard laps. That is about 1km also means you have run the equivalent of about 5km already. But gently, relaxed, no pressure, spine is not affected. Knee joints are relaxed and most importantly, 700kcal has disappeared at any time. Because simple, you are too perfect.

If you go swimming everyday, it will be boring. Besides, a heated swimming pool is only available indoors, lack of light, the main source of vitamin D. Then cycling is a great solution. This is a sport chosen more than swimming because its price is too cheap.

Cycling is a sport suitable for women. It has an unrivaled natural growth and development effect. If you were a parent. Let’s go out on a bike ride with children. Because this is the best sport in the winter to help children quickly develop and develop the capacity to balance and promote the genius factors in young people.

Playing basketball is an exercise that helps stretch the body. Each exercise will constantly stimulate the growth hormone secretion to help the body healthy and help height grow. Besides, basketball can play many types. You can play with teammates when fighting, can play with only one friend.

Bóng chuyền – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

And of course, when there is no one, you still play alone very comfortably.
Playing football, you should play football at least once a week. Football is an attractive winter sport.

But that cannot be played daily because it requires too much physical strength and the outfit is quite unfavorable in the winter weather. Do not think of steam volleyball or other types of team sports because at this time, it is difficult to focus on the full members of the team.

Winter Olympics 2018 and the appearance of famous songs

Many netizens reacted in opposite directions because Schott was a German. While Schindler’s List is a great American film about the depraved life of the Jews.

Schott and his controversial performance on the background of Schindler’s List. Despite the controversy, it is undeniable that thanks to this performance.

The audience has the opportunity to listen to a classic song of the world music. And this is not the only time this year, the audience has the opportunity to enjoy the hits songs that go with the years.

Olympic Mua dong 2018 va su troi day cua nhung ca khuc vang mot thuo hinh anh 1

The amount of streaming of some old songs suddenly soared, according to Amazon data. That thanks to them appearing in the art skating competitions at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The Coldplay’s O song achieved an impressive number of streaming. The soundtrack of the Moulin Rouge has helped the couple from Canada win gold medals this year.

Many requests to open Paradise were sent to Amazon’s Alexa application after the song was played at the Olympics.

In addition to Coldplay, there are a number of other big stars also chosen by athletes such as Beyoncé with the song Halo and Run the world, Queen Madonna with the song Frozen.

It can be said that skating is now not only a sporting event but also a great music show. In there, the audience can rediscover songs that once stood out.

Olympic mùa Đông 2018: Hứa hẹn hấp dẫn ngay từ lúc mở màn | Thể ...

The Pyeongchang Olympic is an historic Olympics with figure skating and music. In the past, the International Skating Association (ISU) applied very strict rules about the choice of background music.

Only instrumental music can be used. Athletes must not use vocal music. Even if there is a person singing, they will be punished. In fact, even at the 2018 Olympics, athletes still choose this traditional music.

However, times have changed. And skating must also change. Since the Sochi 2014 Olympics, the rules have been expanded, allowing athletes to freely choose their favorite songs.


Volleyball on the snow – What do you know about it?

The name of volleyball on the snow is strange to many, but to those who have witnessed the Winter Olympics.

Prince Albert, a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), said snow volleyball is a viable sport to put on the list of sports at the Winter Olympics. In countries with a cold climate with snow appearing in winter, volleyball on snow has been popular for a long time.

Therefore, in Pyeongchang (South Korea) in 2018 this subject became a competition. This is a new feature of the sport seemed to be played only indoors.

Bóng chuyền trên tuyết - Bạn biết gì về nó?

December 17, 2019 – The first ever snowball volleyball event officially included by FIVB in its competition system around the world. The first snowball volleyball tournament in the world opened by FIVB was held in March 2019.

This event has written a new page in the history of winter sports. FIVB itself is ready for the next step in the development of this sport through the passage of the official rules of snow volleyball competition.

The Snow Volleyball World Tour, organized by FIVB in close collaboration with the European Volleyball Federation (CEV), makes snowball volleyball more than ever.

Two stops of the Snow Volleyball World Tour were held for two consecutive weeks in a majestic snow-covered alpine setting on European territory – at Wagrain-Kleinarl, Austria and Kronplatz / Plan de Corones, Italy.

On March 28, 2019, the first opening whistle began the historic Snow Volleyball World Tour at the central courtyard in Wagrain-Kleinarl.

The first match was a qualifying match between Romania and Sweden, the Romanians winning against the boys from Northern Europe.

Previously, snow volleyball played with the number of athletes like beach volleyball.

Bóng chuyền trên tuyết - Bạn biết gì về nó?

The history of snow volleyball was written at Wagrain-Kleinarl’s winter resort in Austria, which is considered the birthplace of professional snow volleyball, at the iconic site next to the Mozart mountain in higher than 1,800 meters.

Snow volleyball can be played by people of all ages, the core skills of snow volleyball are like indoor and beach volleyball, which helps the current player to transfer the ability of They quickly on the snow volleyball court.

Therefore, this is a winter sport for athletes from traditional summer sports nations.

Do not refuse to do yoga in the winter!

Practicing yoga is a way for you to train both mentally and physically. And especially, yoga will be more effective when you practice in the winter.

You may think that summer is the best time to practice with all exercise, including yoga. However, studies on yoga suggest that practicing yoga in the fall and winter is more effective.

Here are the benefits that winter yoga gives you!

Helps keep warm

Starting a cold day with a few simple yoga movements like stretching or sun salute is a great way to start a healthy and warm day.

Yoga is more effective when you exercise in the winter. Not only does it help warm the body, yoga is also a way for you to improve the frequent aches and pains, especially in the elderly.

Increases resistance

Winter is also the time when bacteria and viruses cause disease. With regular yoga practice, you can help boost your immune system, help your body strengthen resistance, prevent viruses from harming your health.

Please consult the experts to get a list of the best exercises as well as the training plan!

Increased stamina

The harshness of winter sometimes makes you uncomfortable and want to escape. However, with the meditation of yoga, you will maintain a more stable mood, and thus will help you increase your stamina, whether with the cold of the weather or discomfort. that winter brings.

Improve sleep

Regular yoga practice combined with the habit of going to bed on time, not staying up too late and getting enough nutrients is a way to help you have a better sleep this winter.

And above all, as with all other forms of exercise, with yoga, when you are determined to practice, have a detailed, specific and persistent training plan with it, yoga will be a great companion both physically and mentally. So, do not ignore your practice habits anyway!

Tips to avoid fractures from winter sports

Wrists and ankles slipped due to skiing: Causes and ways to avoid them

Winter skiing season is just around the corner and injuries on the mountainside are quite common, especially fractures from winter sports. Skiing and snowboarding are a great way to go through winter, however, it is important to know the causes and precautions to minimize the risk of fractures so you can enjoy the slopes throughout winter.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Wrists and ankles slipped due to skiing:

Every year, children, adults and families get in the car and go to the nearest mountains. Broken wrists or ankles are common winter injuries that can quickly spoil a happy day (and the rest of the season) in the mountains. Knowing what to note and how to prevent injuries is the key to enjoying this winter sports season.

Wrists and ankles: Broken bones from winter sports

A broken wrist is a common winter sports injury. Both skiing and snowboarding need your arms to balance and fall. Beginners are more likely to maintain injuries and skiers are also more likely to maintain wrist injuries.

A major cause of broken wrists, broken bones, is slipping and falling. There are three main types of wrist fracture injuries, such as:

– Intra-articular fracture: In case of broken radius, it makes the joint last longer.

– Extra-articular fracture: A fracture that the wrist joint does not expand.

– Open fracture: The opening is when the bone breaks through the skin.

Comminuted fracture: This type of fracture occurs when bones break in two or more places.

All types of fractures can occur during skiing and snowboarding. It is important to have all the information about these injuries so you can be wary of you and your loved ones.

However, a fracture is the only type of orthopedic injury that winter sports athletes need to be cautious to prevent. In addition to fractures and fractures, ligament tears are a persistent threat in winter sports.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Broken bones from winter sports

Skiers and snowboarders are at high risk of previous collateral ligament injury, or ACL. This is due to rigid restrictions of ski shoes. Similar structure and design protects skiers Ankle from injury and fractures cause force to flow onto the kinetic chain and can lead to ACL injury or tears. Although ACL injuries are most common, knee injuries are generally a common risk for winter athletes, as rigid, inflexible shoes and postures often cause athletes to touch The soil is strong on the knees or it can twist the legs and knees in unnatural behavior.

Like broken bones, there are different severity of ligament injuries.

– Grade 1 ligament spine is related to related ligament stretching

– Grade 2 ligament spine (also called partial tearing) stretches and loosens the ligament involved, affecting the function and structural stability

– Grade 3 ligament sprain of degree 3 is complete tear; they make the stability and function of related joints compromised. In case of ACL tears, the knee joint will become unstable.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho prevent broken bones from winter sports

How to prevent broken bones from winter sports

There are some easy precautions that you and your family can take to make sure there are no winter injuries, such as:

– Comply with all safety regulations

– Make sure you are in the best physical state to participate in active sports

– Stretch or heat before you start skiing or skiing

– Wear appropriate protective gear

– Wearing the right size shoe also supports ankle

– Wear wrist protection to protect yourself in case of a fall

– Know when to stop (most injuries occur when athletes are tired and deteriorate)

– Learn appropriate techniques to fall.