The Popularity of Ice Hockey

Most would think that ice hockey is the most popular winter sport in existence but there are those that will disagree with this. The assumption of popularity is based on the fact that there are so many professional ice hockey teams. The significant coverage of this sport in the media also plays a role in this assumption.


There are many that question why ice hockey is not more popular in the United States. Experts have come up with some reasons for this. In this country, hockey is overridden in popularity by the NFL, the MLB, and the NBA. It is perceived that one of the reasons why hockey is not king in the USA is because it is not a winter sport that the players generally excel in. Those in the spotlight in the US leagues are usually from Canada or Europe.


In Canada, ice hockey is the number one winter sport. It is enjoyed both on professional and amateur levels. When it comes to participation, it is only superseded by those who play golf. Some attribute the popularity of ice hockey in Canada to the fact the game was created in this country.

Popularity of Hockey Worldwide

Canada and the US are not the only countries that greatly enjoy the game of ice hockey. It is a winter sport that is highly appreciated in many other parts of the world. Overall, ice hockey is considered to be the third most popular sports throughout the world. It is estimated that it has about 2 billion fans. Other countries where it is quite popular are those in Europe and Asia.

Hockey Outside of the Pro Level

Playing ice hockey on an amateur level is also extremely popular especially in Canada. There are many bush leagues and kids leagues that entice participants to enjoy the game.

Ice hockey is a great game on any level and one that is certainly well known and popular.