Top 5 Sports on Ice

Most times when a person thinks about what sports can be played on ice, the first that comes to mind is hockey. But, there are several others that fit into this category.


This is a game played on ice that is a lot like hockey with two major differences. The traditional hockey stick is replaced with a broom, and the puck is no longer used but is replaced with a large ball.

Figure Skating

Those professionals who perform in figure skating events make what they do look easy. It is, however, far from easy. It takes a lot of skills and stamina to perform well in this particular ice event.

There is the choreography that has to be developed, then the maneuvers that are mandatory in competitions that must fit in with this. Aside from strength and stamina, it takes style, precision timing, and grace to perform well.


There are a lot of people that enjoy the game of shuffleboard, and this is really similar in its concept to curling. This is a game that is played on ice that not only demands skills but requires the development of strategies. Balance and touch are two attributes that the curling participant must possess if they want to do well at the game.

Speed Skating

Speed skating is another very popular sport played on ice. It requires the participants to not only have speed and agility but the ability to maneuver the large-sized skates needed for this sport. It has its own level of danger as a fall during a high-speed skate can be serious.

Ice Hockey

Well, but of course! Ice hockey is enjoyed in many countries both on a professional and amateur level. It can attract a great number of fans. Many such fans plan their entire winter around a schedule of watching ice hockey event like the NHL games.

Many who enjoy ice sports will participate in several of them.