Top 5 most popular winter sports in Japan

1. Snow Shoes Trekking

Walking in the snow is very suitable for those who like hiking and scattering watching the pure white snow. Come back to the appointment, everyone will walk together at Kurumayama Kogen Ski Resort on top of Mount Kirigamine (Japan). Snow Shoes will protect you from slippery snow. What is more wonderful than experiencing interesting moments in cold weather with your loved ones?

Top 6 môn thể thao mùa đông được yêu thích nhất ở Nhật Bản

2. Snow Mobile

If you don’t want to move too much, don’t want to fall and bury your face in the cold snow, driving in the snow is a perfect choice. A car can move by engine so you don’t need to push or pull. You can drive it freely to anywhere in the safe range to enjoy the surrounding scenery. If you want the whole family to ride in the car, use “Snow Rafting” which is a boat attached to Snow Mobile. What are you waiting for, plan to go to the Minakami Kogen Ski Resort in Gunma province (Japan) to experience it!

Top 6 môn thể thao mùa đông được yêu thích nhất ở Nhật Bản

3. Ryuhyo Walk

Imagine, you have just been walking on the vast frozen sea and watching the fish and jellyfish swimming beneath the ice, surely you will feel excited and extremely excited. Coming to the famous Shiretoko Region in Hokkaido in Japan, what you are imagining will turn into reality, you will be targeted of the white landscape, the cold air of winter.

Top 6 môn thể thao mùa đông được yêu thích nhất ở Nhật Bản

Don’t worry about the weather affecting your health, because before you walk, you’ll be wearing special water-resistant clothing with closed shoes that keep your body warm. After that you will feel more comfortable and confidently join the game like when wearing casual clothes. So you can rest assured that you still play the station like anyone.

4. Skateboarding

This sport is not for the weak heart! Because to be able to ride the board hovering over the slippery snow surface without any safety seconds, it requires you to have steel spirit. You should also keep in mind that when playing this game, you must keep your balance good, not easy to fall down!

Top 6 môn thể thao mùa đông được yêu thích nhất ở Nhật Bản

December and February are the most beautiful beautiful times. So if you have come to Japan, you should not miss the opportunity to try winter sports, especially snowboarding! At the ski area you can rent furniture, shoes, skis … with many styles, beautiful colors.

5. Hockey

Top 6 môn thể thao mùa đông được yêu thích nhất ở Nhật Bản

Although the antagonistic sport originated in the West and was introduced to Asia not long ago, hockey was loved by Japanese youth. Many students and students set up teams and practice hockey just for entertainment and to participate in school and class competitions in the winter. This type of sport requires the presence of two teams, each with 6 players and 1 goalkeeper. To ensure safety for yourself during play, you must remember carefully, do not forget to fully equip: sticks, skates, protective hats, protective equipment for shoulders, elbows and shin!