Winter Olympics Success

The success of the winter Olympics is a true testament of just how important this event is for many athletes worldwide. For a majority of those who participate, the goal of just being part of the Winter Olympics is a major one. Emerging victorious in their chosen sport comes a close second after participation. It is not just the athletes that the winter Olympics is important to, however. The countries that they represent take great pride in the number of medals that their athletes bring home. Some countries have been more successful at this than others.


Out of all the countries that have and do participate in the Winter Olympics, Norway is accredited with the most success at taking home the medals that are comprised of all three categories- gold, silver, and bronze. Norway has claimed wins for 39 medals from their Pyeongchang presence, and fourteen of these are gold. Since this country’s first participation in the winter Olympics which dates back to 1924, they have accumulated a total of 368 medals.

United States

The USA has been able to hold their own as victors in the Winter Olympics. Coming in second for the most wins totally 305 medals. Out of this 105 were gold.


Canada holds the fifth spot for overall success in the winter Olympics with a total of 199 medals, 73 of which are gold.

Most popular Winter Olympics sports

Every country seems to have its favorite Winter Olympics sport that fans watch the most. Canada and United States fans seem to favor the hockey events. The UK draws the most fans for snowboarding. Southeast Asia has a passion for the snowboarding too. When it comes to curling the most enthusiastic fans are those in Africa.

The Winter Olympics is an important platform for bringing countries together with one common goal- sport.