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Top 4 Best Sports Events For Families

You love sport. And, before children, you are used to go to sports events at will. Now you need more planning, of course, but there are things your children should see with you before they get too old to want to be seen with you.

No wonder baseball comes first, with six of the top ten being baseball events. But there are also some surprises.

Rickwood Field

Built in 1910, Rickwood Field is America’s oldest baseball park. He has seen players like Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Joe Jackson and Willie Mays. Rickwood Field has never been more than a baseball stadium, and there’s no better way to forget the scandals that improve performance than to get back to the roots of the sport. Tuchman recommends visiting between February and October, and with free tickets available for most of the 200 events held each year in the field, the budget is easy.

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Special Olympics

A non-profit organization targeting nearly 200 million people with intellectual disabilities worldwide, Special Olympics offers year-round training and competitions in 30 winter and summer sports similar to the Olympic Games every four years. July. Tuchman recommends celebrating the opening and closing ceremonies. He says these are the most anticipated celebrations of all the Special Olympics. He also recommends the sporting experience, a promotional event organized during the Games. Open to the public, it offers food, shows and opportunities to play games and compete with Special Olympics athletes. To prepare for your trip, volunteer in your area to help your local athletes. Your family can live a powerful and overwhelming journey without traveling anywhere.

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Fenway Park

Fenway Park, MLB’s oldest stadium, today houses the Boston Red Sox and the infamous green monster. The manual dashboards and pillars that hold the upper deck respect the tradition and the fans of the Red Sox are still fanatics. Tuchman recommends jumping into the T or taking the commuter train for the game, because of the excessive traffic around the stadium during matches. Head to the game early and stroll through Lansdowne Street or Yawkey Way just before the game. Check out the stadium before the match, it is very small and intimate and there is no bad place. Tuchman recommends attending a match in June because he thinks May is too busy in Boston for the graduation ceremonies at the many colleges in the area. In addition, he says to plan ahead because the tickets can be very difficult to obtain. Do not forget your baseball gloves if you find yourself in a fault section.

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Tennessee Lady Volunteers Basketball

Trained by Pat Summitt since 1974, the Lady Vols are the only team to have participated in all NCAA tournaments since the 1981-82 season, when the NCAA first sanctioned women’s sport. They appeared in 18 Final Fours and won eight NCAA titles, including an undefeated 1998- 1998 season. Summitt is the most successful coach in NCAA history in basketball, men or women, all divisions. She is also one of only two university coaches to have won 1,000 wins.

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Tuchman recommends sitting in your seat for the entire game. Every second should be appreciated. The best places are in sections 119-123. He also recommends the guest coach program for ultimate interaction. The Tennessee Sports Department chose one person per game to sit behind the coach, attend the half-time locker speech and be basically a fly on the wall for the post-game. In addition, pay particular attention to player introductions, they are considered the best in women’s basketball.