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6 things to change when exercising in the winter (part 2)

Let’s continue to find out 6 things to change when exercising in the winter!

4. Attention about clothes

The weather is also changing when you need to change clothes to exercise. Do not wear thick clothes because during exercise, your body will warm-up, if wearing too thick clothes will be hot and sweaty. Instead, you should wear several layers of fabric sewn from synthetic fibers, body-hugging design, sweat-absorbing, so that when it is too hot, you can take it off. You should choose winter sports clothes designed to keep warm while ensuring breathable, sweat and skin damage. Wool socks or polypropylene fiber socks are a good choice for getting rid of moisture. Training shoes should be chosen with a non-slip sole and firm feet. Shoes should not be too tight, too tight because it will interfere with blood circulation in the foot.

You will lose quite a bit of heat if you leave your head bare on the road on cold days. To avoid that, use a hat or a scarf that can cover your head and ears to keep warm.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho play sports in winter"

5. Should practice in a cool place, few people

Normally, each person emits 20 liters of carbon dioxide per hour, so if you exercise in a closed gym, there are many people exercising at the same time, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air will increase quickly, causing the air in the contaminated gym, easily leading to dizziness, fatigue, nausea. As a result, your physical activity is not working as well as you want it to.

Therefore, you should avoid exercising in the room too many people. Ideally, choose an outdoor, sunny and sheltered place to exercise in the winter.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho play sports in winter"

6. Drink lots of water

You may feel embarrassed because you have to drink a lot of water when it’s cold because you have to urinate faster, more than usual. But that is even more reason to force you to drink water, drink as much water as possible because they will help your body not dehydrated, chestnut skin is not dry. It is especially important to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages while exercising, as they will quickly tone the muscles.

6 things to change when exercising in the winter (part 1)

November and December are when the weather turns chilly and it gets colder when it actually gets winter, especially in the morning. So, your fitness routine needs to change too.

  1. Exercise later in the morning

In late autumn, when the weather changes to winter, the morning is often colder, and early in the morning there can be fog. Moreover, in the early morning, the plants do not photosynthesize, so the amount of carbon released by the tree is still high in the air. In autumn, winter, it is late morning so the tree’s photosynthesis is late.

Therefore, if you go to the gym early in the morning, it will be more harmful to health. Wait for the morning to clear, the amount of oxygen in the air more than carbon will be better for health, especially for people suffering from respiratory diseases.

Wearing warm enough, doing exercises in a cool place and drinking enough water … are things to keep in mind when exercising in the winter.

  1. Boot longer

Whether you are exercising in any weather, you need to start the body first. But when it’s cold, you should do this a little longer as your body in winter will be more inert than hot weather.

Warming up before exercise will help release mucus from the joints, thus reducing injury. If exercising in cold weather, make it a little longer and increase the intensity slower than summer.

In particular, in cold weather, you should not go barefoot to exercise because if your feet are cold, your body will be susceptible to colds, prone to cold hands and feet, arthritis and lead to many other diseases.

  1. Pay attention to breathing exercises

Cold air is one of the reasons that makes you susceptible to sore throat and respiratory diseases. Therefore, during exercise, if you do not pay attention, you will easily get these diseases.

Learn to breathe through your stomach (take a deep breath so that the air gets through your nose through the nose and then exhale slowly). During exercise, you should avoid opening your mouth so that air does not enter the abdomen through the trachea, thus avoiding the risk of sore throat and other respiratory diseases.

Skin and hair care before playing winter sports

Know how to take care of skin and hair properly when playing sports so that sport really brings health and beauty to every person.

In the cold, dry weather of autumn and winter, what bothers you most is your skin and your hair becoming dry. For those who play sports in this weather, it is even worse. Know how to take care of skin and hair properly when playing sports so that sport really brings health and beauty to every person.

When playing sports, you must exercise vigorously, the body organs must work more, all metabolism in the body is enhanced, so the amount of water excreted from the body will be faster.

Dehydration will be evident on your skin and hair. But do not worry too much, but should take care of skin and hair according to the advice of experts.

Chăm sóc da, tóc khi chơi thể thao mùa đông

When you are preparing to practice, you should carefully remove your make-up and wash your face with a cleanser. If you do not remove makeup, sweat will blend with the cosmetics to penetrate deep into the skin, resulting in skin rashes, pimples, dermatitis.

After removing make-up, you should not rub moisturizer because the cream is usually oily, which will clog the pores and the stagnation of the sebaceous glands on the skin making you very prone to acne. If, after removing make-up, you feel that your skin is drier, don’t worry, you only need to gently massage your face for 5 minutes, the feeling of dry skin will disappear.

When playing sports, the oil glands will produce a lot of oil to make the skin less dry. You should not wear makeup when practicing. If you are not confident in the absence of cosmetics, use only eyebrow pencil and lipstick.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Chăm sóc da, tóc khi chơi thể thao mùa đông

It will make your face fresher. Moreover, when the weather is dry, the skin is prone to redness or scratches when affected. You should choose sports clothes made of soft, breathable, sweat-absorbing fabric to protect the skin.

With hair, to prepare for training, you need to tie your hair neatly. You should tie your hair high and use a headband to keep your hair from falling into your face. Do not tie your hair too tight, otherwise it will damage your scalp and break your hair while doing exercise that requires lots of exercise such as aerobic or running. A little conditioning should be applied to the areas where hair is tied up.