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Things to note when playing sports in winter

Sleep is extremely easy, meals become more delicious than ever. So getting up early to exercise in the winter is really about expressing the power of determination and a little courage. And if you want to play sports or exercise in the winter, you need to keep in mind the following.

Winter is often cold in the morning and early in the morning, trees do not photosynthesize, so the amount of carbon released by the trees is still high in the air. So if you jog in the early morning, it will be more harmful to your health. Please wait for the sun to be clear, more oxygen in the air than carbon will be healthier.

Any sport should start before training. But when it gets cold, start up a little longer and be a little more careful. Starting before exercise will help to release mucus in the joint, so it can reduce injury. In particular, in cold weather, you should not go barefoot to exercise because if your feet are cold, it will make your body more susceptible to cold and limbs.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho playing sport in winter

 You are also very susceptible to respiratory problems when exercising under cold weather. So, you need to pay attention to breathing during exercise. Learn how to breathe through the abdomen (take a deep breath to fill the abdomen through the nose and then exhale). During exercise, you should avoid opening your mouth so that air does not get into your abdomen through the airway, thus avoiding the risk of strep throat and other respiratory diseases.

Wear enough warmth when exercising, you should wear thin layers of clothing, when you feel hot, you can take off when you exercise. Should not wear brakes very susceptible to colds, you should not wear too thick that your body feels uncomfortable.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho playing sport in winter

Normally, each person emits 20 liters of carbon dioxide per hour, so practice where there is an open space, or if you have exercise at home, you should not practice in a place with a lot of people. choose a place to practice outdoors, sunny and sheltered is best suited to exercise in the winter. If you want to use a versatile jogging machine or exercise bike at home, it will be advisable to set aside a large space in the house to practice, avoid practicing in a tight or closed space.

Democratic Republic of Korea hopes to host the 2032 Olympics after the historic step

Efforts to host Olympic and Paralympic 2032 of Pyongyang and Seoul have just been more hope after Mr Donald Trump became the first American President to step foot on Democratic Republic of Korea on June 30.

Chairman Kim Jong-un of the President of the Democratic Republic of Korea have agreed to meet the American President Donald Trump in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) after Dynasty Related leaders of America via Twitter make suggestions to meet to say hello 29.6 minutes. When greeting each other in the line of military boundary (MDL), the two leaders said: “It’s good to see you here”.

Officials of the President of the Democratic Republic of Korea and South Korea have submitted plans to the Olympic and Paralympic organizing fellow 2032 in Pyongyang and Seoul up to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in February salmon. However, the thaw in the relationship between the President of the Democratic Republic of Korea and the United States in recent times because of the problems in the process of non-proliferation in the Korean peninsula did bidding host events on also fall into silence.

Hàn Quốc và CHDCND Triều Tiên thắp lại kế hoạch chạy đua đồng đăng cai Olympic 2032 /// AFP

Thus, the historic handshake on 30.6 between two leaders of America-North Korea could blow a new vitality on the Pyongyang-Seoul talks planned to take the biggest sporting event on the planet in the Korean peninsula. Mr Lee Kee-heung-President sports and Olympic Committee in South Korea (KSOC) and has just been elected as new members of the IOC today in Lausanne (Switzerland) 26.6, solemnly vowed to successfully implement the host between the two countries are still in a State of war on technical side.

KSOC head said he had had many meetings with Mr. Kim Il-guk-President of the Olympic Committee and Sports Minister of Korea, in Lausanne. During the IOC session at this time, there is great change on how to choose the host city for the Olympics in the future. Accordingly, the provisions of the host city to be chosen seven years ago when the event has been deleted, at the same time encourage the Organization of a tournament in many cities.

Mr Lee Kee-heung claimed that the changes will bring them a good chance and stressed that the two regions of the Korean peninsula should work together to accomplish their goals. Locate this officials want to multiply two historical events – Korean American leaders met in the DMZ to convince the IOC awarded the rights to host the Olympic and Paralympic 2032 for the Korean Peninsula more than 10 years before the day of the event.

Bán đảo Triều Tiên hy vọng đăng cai Olympic 2032 sau “bước chân lịch sử”  - ảnh 1

News Agency Yonhap News quoted South Korea’s Lee said: “I have told the North Koreans that we must try to win the right to host in the year 2021. Sports Minister Kim Il-guk has suggested we send a formal request through the Ministry of unity”.

According to AFP, the two Mr. Lee and Kim also discussed the establishment of the joint team contested the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo (Japan) in the coming year. Accordingly, the two sides agreed to build a public team to attend the Olympic qualifying hockey content for women, women’s basketball, judo and sailing. However, the women’s hockey team South Korea had previously alone to attend the tournament types in Ireland earlier this month, due to the Korean side does not respond to suggest the organisation of common trainings.

Two of Mr. Lee and Kim also exchanged about the possibility of organizing a meeting between the President of the Democratic Republic of North Korea Kim Jong-un and President of Korea Moon Jae-in at the DMZ to help promote the process host right during the meeting of the General of the Council of National Olympic Committee will take place in Seoul in October 11.2020.