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Allgau – A familiar place for winter sports in Germany

Let’s come to the south of Germany to learn about Allgau. This is an extremely popular place to play winter sports. It is part of the Alps and has an average altitude of 2224m above sea level. Most of the area of ​​Allgau year round is covered with cold below 0 degrees C.

And you can choose one of nearly 400 locations here to try yourself with snow sports. From short, sloping roads with moderate slope. It is enough for all family members to get acquainted with the snow. Up to the steep slopes and more than 7km long from the top of the mountain for faster and more adventurous subjects.

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A little further north, in the mountains above 1,000m. The snow surface is thicker and friendlier than the perfect place for children to get acquainted with skis. While their parents tried their best in cross-country skiing.

And once tired, the journey to the center of the town will also become closer to the traditional skis of the Bavarian people.

Each year, the center of the town of Allgau welcomes 2.3 million visitors from around the world to come and enjoy their passion on the snow. Every weekend, the festival is held in the square around the church with music and cuisine typical of Bavaria.

All rooms at the Allgau Stern Hotel feature satellite TV and brightly furnished bathrooms.

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The health and relaxation facilities at the Allgau Stern include plenty of saunas, beauty salons and a quiet area. There is also a large fitness area with facilities for guests to play billiards, bowling and table tennis.

Many cross-country ski trails and ski routes are located near the Allgau Stern Hotel. There is also a ski school at the hotel. Couples especially like this location