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Talking about Curling at Olympic Sochi

A winter sports in Russia that was competition in the Sochi Winter Olympics is Curling. Curling, played in Russia 150 years ago, is one of the oldest winter sports. This is called Iceball or Ice Dumbbells. It is a popular sport for all ages in Russia

Currently in Russia curling is actively developing. In the country there are many curling clubs, where anyone can learn to play this wonderful winter sport. In 1873 in Moscow opened the first Russian curling club, a branch of the Curling club from Scotland.

Curling was contested within the confines of a rectangular ice rink. It has a length of 42.06m, a width of 4.75m, similar to the pitch line of Bowling. At the ends of the ice rink there are two circles with a blue outline, a white border, a red inner border and a white center point.

The players of the two teams will stand at the two ends of the field. That’s called “Hack” to throw dumbbells towards the center of the “house” circle at the other end.

Although the form of the game of weightlifting on ice is somewhat simple. But in fact, this subject requires a very high level of precision every time the players calculate the coordinates and direction.

They need to coordinate with the power to throw the arm to bring the dumbbells to their target position. Curling is also the subject of careful analysis of the impact of friction and the direction of rotation of the dumbbell. So it makes the audience more interesting.

The preparation of the runway to play Curling is also complicated. On the finished runway, tiny particles are sprayed with geometrical precision so that the athlete can then grind the track for the skating stone. Each stone weighs 20 kg.