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Russian Figure Skating Championships

The Russian figure skating championship took place at the very busy time, so there was no website to see online. Until a bit of time, only a few clips of the athletes who won the high prize were found online.

Plushenko’s dance moves are impressive, and nervous. And Sergei Voronov needed to be calmer on a long program. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva failed on a short show. But the long show is very good in both dance moves and choreography and music.

Oksana Domnina and Maksim Shabalin are of course on a higher level than other athletes, especially when Khokhlova. Novitsky did not participate in the sport championship.

And also, of course, the programs still need more cutting. I like their obligatory dance. I like Ksenia Makarova better than Alena Leonova. Overall it is a variety show, but thanks to its pretty creative choreography, there are also some interesting performances.

The performance I introduce below is performed by the pair of athletes Irina Slutskaya and Gediminas Taranda. Irina Slutskaya is a very famous female single skier in Russia. Sharp 3-turn spins and amazing Biellmann two-legged spins

And Gediminas Taranda is known as a famous ballerina in the 80s at the Opera House that was also full of stars. Of course he retired, now practicing ballet choreography.

Along with the talent of a professional ballet choreographer, Taranda and Aleksandr Zhulin set up this dance for a very unique performance. Of course too famous, and always evokes a very romantic, emotional feeling with scene 2 through the staging of Lev Ivanov.

The athletes train with experienced coaches from Russia. This is the famous land of winter art. They will give the best lessons so that the athletes can reach the level of international competition. Currently, to encourage this art to develop and seek talent, besides actively organizing the annual figure skating Championship.