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Tips to avoid fractures from winter sports

Wrists and ankles slipped due to skiing: Causes and ways to avoid them

Winter skiing season is just around the corner and injuries on the mountainside are quite common, especially fractures from winter sports. Skiing and snowboarding are a great way to go through winter, however, it is important to know the causes and precautions to minimize the risk of fractures so you can enjoy the slopes throughout winter.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Wrists and ankles slipped due to skiing:

Every year, children, adults and families get in the car and go to the nearest mountains. Broken wrists or ankles are common winter injuries that can quickly spoil a happy day (and the rest of the season) in the mountains. Knowing what to note and how to prevent injuries is the key to enjoying this winter sports season.

Wrists and ankles: Broken bones from winter sports

A broken wrist is a common winter sports injury. Both skiing and snowboarding need your arms to balance and fall. Beginners are more likely to maintain injuries and skiers are also more likely to maintain wrist injuries.

A major cause of broken wrists, broken bones, is slipping and falling. There are three main types of wrist fracture injuries, such as:

– Intra-articular fracture: In case of broken radius, it makes the joint last longer.

– Extra-articular fracture: A fracture that the wrist joint does not expand.

– Open fracture: The opening is when the bone breaks through the skin.

Comminuted fracture: This type of fracture occurs when bones break in two or more places.

All types of fractures can occur during skiing and snowboarding. It is important to have all the information about these injuries so you can be wary of you and your loved ones.

However, a fracture is the only type of orthopedic injury that winter sports athletes need to be cautious to prevent. In addition to fractures and fractures, ligament tears are a persistent threat in winter sports.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Broken bones from winter sports

Skiers and snowboarders are at high risk of previous collateral ligament injury, or ACL. This is due to rigid restrictions of ski shoes. Similar structure and design protects skiers Ankle from injury and fractures cause force to flow onto the kinetic chain and can lead to ACL injury or tears. Although ACL injuries are most common, knee injuries are generally a common risk for winter athletes, as rigid, inflexible shoes and postures often cause athletes to touch The soil is strong on the knees or it can twist the legs and knees in unnatural behavior.

Like broken bones, there are different severity of ligament injuries.

– Grade 1 ligament spine is related to related ligament stretching

– Grade 2 ligament spine (also called partial tearing) stretches and loosens the ligament involved, affecting the function and structural stability

– Grade 3 ligament sprain of degree 3 is complete tear; they make the stability and function of related joints compromised. In case of ACL tears, the knee joint will become unstable.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho prevent broken bones from winter sports

How to prevent broken bones from winter sports

There are some easy precautions that you and your family can take to make sure there are no winter injuries, such as:

– Comply with all safety regulations

– Make sure you are in the best physical state to participate in active sports

– Stretch or heat before you start skiing or skiing

– Wear appropriate protective gear

– Wearing the right size shoe also supports ankle

– Wear wrist protection to protect yourself in case of a fall

– Know when to stop (most injuries occur when athletes are tired and deteriorate)

– Learn appropriate techniques to fall.

How to exercise properly in the winter?

In the cold season, your muscles often tighten against the cold. Therefore, you need to start slowly, slowly to adapt to the body before stepping into the main movement.

Here are some suggestions to help you get a workout schedule properly in the winter.

1. Start slowly

You only need to be gentle enough to loosen muscles, not vigorous enough to sweat before leaving home.They will easily cause you to catch a cold.However, you do not need to worry about your bouts. It’s cold every time you step out of the house because they’re not dangerous, and you’ll quickly feel warm again afterwards.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho How to exercise properly in the winter?

2. Wear clothes with floating colors

The winter sky was short and the night was long, the atmosphere was not as clear as the other seasons. So, if you have a habit of running or walking outdoors in the early morning or late afternoon, choose costumes with distinct colors or reflective capabilities to make sure that drivers on the road have can see you. When anticipating a situation on the road, the driver will easily control the steering wheel and vehicle speed more.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho How to exercise properly in the winter?

3. Drink lots of water

You may feel awkward because you have to drink more water when it’s cold because you have to urinate faster than usual. But that’s even more reason to make yourself drink as much water as possible because it will help your body. You don’t lose chestnut, not dry skin. It is especially important to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages while exercising, as they will quickly tone the muscles.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho 3. Drink lots of water

4. Prepare the exercise set

The winter sports clothes are designed to keep you warm, while ensuring breathable, sweat and skin damage. The best clothes are made from synthetic fibers, body-hugging, sweat-absorbing designs that are exclusive for winter.

Wool socks or polypropylene fiber socks are a good choice for getting rid of moisture. When buying training shoes, you should choose shoes with non-slip soles and firm feet. Do not wear shoes that are too tight, too tight or wear lots of socks at the same time to prevent cold because it will hinder blood circulation in the legs.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho How to exercise properly in the winter?

You will lose quite a bit of heat if you leave your head bare on the road on cold days. To avoid that, use a hat or scarf that can cover your head and ears to keep warm. You can choose hats made of wool or fur with the ability to keep warm and sweat very well. You can also use a mask to protect your face from the wind. They will help warm and moisten the nose and mouth when breathing, avoiding dryness and sore throat.








Experience 2 winter sports in Japan

Winter sports range from skiing, ice skating, ice walking, snowboarding, skateboarding, etc. In this article, I would like to summarize locations that can experience seasonal sports.

Japan has many areas suitable for snow games and experiencing many winter sports activities such as in Hokkaido or Niigta Prefecture. Among the tourists to Japan, there are also those who come to Japan for the purpose of experiencing winter sports. However, in Japan depending on different regions, the amount of snow cover is different, so depending on the destination, you may not be able to experience winter sports as expected.

In this article, we would like to introduce each location in areas that can experience winter sports such as Snow Shoes Trekking and Ryuhyo Walk (Ice Walking).

Snow Shoes Trekking

Snow Shoes Trekking is a sport of soft snow walking and does not have a firm grip with a specific shoe called Snow Shoes. If you can take a walk in the silver-white world spread across the snowy mountains, you’ll definitely come across landscapes that you can’t find every day.

You can experience Snow Shoes Trekking at “Kurumayama Kogen Ski Area” at the top of Kirigamine Mountain, one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan.

You can just admire the beautiful view that is created by the magnificent Apls South Mountains and Apls North, strolling to feel the grandeur of nature with the whole body.

Ryuhyo Walk

It can be an unusual experience of walking on snow and ice, a favorite activity at Shiretoko in Hokkaido.

In the winter, ice and snow cover the sea of ​​Okhotsk in Hokkaido. You will be able to feel “ice and snow” very close to you with the ice world spreading at your feet and see the images of Clione jellyfish swimming below.

You will wear special waterproof clothing with shoes, then you can join the game as comfortable as in casual clothes. Because of the thrust, even if you can’t swim, you don’t have to worry. The instructor will explain everything from how to wear waterproof clothing to how to experience it. Do you want to experience the special “Ice Walk” that is only available in the winter?












Terror threatens winter sports conferences

Concerns about terrorism continue to place winter sports tournaments in Europe in an alarming state and force the continent’s Olympic Committee to plan an emergency meeting to consider moving to the Winter Olympics. Winter European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) hosted by Turkey.

AFP quoted a statement by the European Olympic Committee (EOC) that the organization is closely monitoring the host country ‘s security for the winter sports festival for young athletes.

The final decision on the continuation of the Erzurum Province (Turkey) to organize the event (taking place from 11 to 18.2) will be made after the meeting between the EOC and the Turkish Olympic Committee on January 26 arrived in Lausanne (Switzerland). “The safety of athletes on the event is our top priority”, the EOC said in a statement today 4.1.

A series of terrorist attacks in Turkey put winter sports events in a red alert state AFPChia shared a series of terrorist attacks in Turkey that put winter sports events in a state of red alarming.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Khủng bố đe dọa các đại hội thể thao mùa đông

Security concerns at the EYOF event (expected to have 1,500 athletes between the ages of 14 and 18 competitions) are currently in a state of “red alert” after a series of terrorist attacks in Turkey, in which The latest is a gunman shooting 39 people at the nightclub Reina (Istanbul) on the first day of 2017. Previously, in December last year, a car bomb exploded in the city of Kayseri (where lies Erzurum 640 km to the west) killed 13 people and injured 50 others.

The Islamic State terrorist organization (IS) has been accused of carrying out attacks. According to Reuters, only in 2016, IS had four terrorist attacks on Turkey after the country took military action to repel the terrorist organization.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Khủng bố đe dọa các đại hội thể thao mùa đông

Meanwhile, in the face of terrorism concerns, the British Olympic Committee (BOA) has reassured the athletes with a statement fully believing in security measures at EYOF. BOA said that the threat of terrorism is not only a concern for winter sports but also for summer sporting events as well as other tournaments around the world.

Last year, the curling world championship (ice ball on ice) was also removed from Erzurum due to the threat of terrorism and transferred to Copenhagen (Denmark). This year’s EYOF event was originally hosted for Sarajevo but was later exchanged with Erzurum (winning the bid to host EYOF 2019) because Bosnia said it had no time to prepare infrastructure and organization.

Things to note when playing sports in winter

Sleep is extremely easy, meals become more delicious than ever. So getting up early to exercise in the winter is really about expressing the power of determination and a little courage. And if you want to play sports or exercise in the winter, you need to keep in mind the following.

Winter is often cold in the morning and early in the morning, trees do not photosynthesize, so the amount of carbon released by the trees is still high in the air. So if you jog in the early morning, it will be more harmful to your health. Please wait for the sun to be clear, more oxygen in the air than carbon will be healthier.

Any sport should start before training. But when it gets cold, start up a little longer and be a little more careful. Starting before exercise will help to release mucus in the joint, so it can reduce injury. In particular, in cold weather, you should not go barefoot to exercise because if your feet are cold, it will make your body more susceptible to cold and limbs.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho playing sport in winter

 You are also very susceptible to respiratory problems when exercising under cold weather. So, you need to pay attention to breathing during exercise. Learn how to breathe through the abdomen (take a deep breath to fill the abdomen through the nose and then exhale). During exercise, you should avoid opening your mouth so that air does not get into your abdomen through the airway, thus avoiding the risk of strep throat and other respiratory diseases.

Wear enough warmth when exercising, you should wear thin layers of clothing, when you feel hot, you can take off when you exercise. Should not wear brakes very susceptible to colds, you should not wear too thick that your body feels uncomfortable.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho playing sport in winter

Normally, each person emits 20 liters of carbon dioxide per hour, so practice where there is an open space, or if you have exercise at home, you should not practice in a place with a lot of people. choose a place to practice outdoors, sunny and sheltered is best suited to exercise in the winter. If you want to use a versatile jogging machine or exercise bike at home, it will be advisable to set aside a large space in the house to practice, avoid practicing in a tight or closed space.

Democratic Republic of Korea hopes to host the 2032 Olympics after the historic step

Efforts to host Olympic and Paralympic 2032 of Pyongyang and Seoul have just been more hope after Mr Donald Trump became the first American President to step foot on Democratic Republic of Korea on June 30.

Chairman Kim Jong-un of the President of the Democratic Republic of Korea have agreed to meet the American President Donald Trump in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) after Dynasty Related leaders of America via Twitter make suggestions to meet to say hello 29.6 minutes. When greeting each other in the line of military boundary (MDL), the two leaders said: “It’s good to see you here”.

Officials of the President of the Democratic Republic of Korea and South Korea have submitted plans to the Olympic and Paralympic organizing fellow 2032 in Pyongyang and Seoul up to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in February salmon. However, the thaw in the relationship between the President of the Democratic Republic of Korea and the United States in recent times because of the problems in the process of non-proliferation in the Korean peninsula did bidding host events on also fall into silence.

Hàn Quốc và CHDCND Triều Tiên thắp lại kế hoạch chạy đua đồng đăng cai Olympic 2032 /// AFP

Thus, the historic handshake on 30.6 between two leaders of America-North Korea could blow a new vitality on the Pyongyang-Seoul talks planned to take the biggest sporting event on the planet in the Korean peninsula. Mr Lee Kee-heung-President sports and Olympic Committee in South Korea (KSOC) and has just been elected as new members of the IOC today in Lausanne (Switzerland) 26.6, solemnly vowed to successfully implement the host between the two countries are still in a State of war on technical side.

KSOC head said he had had many meetings with Mr. Kim Il-guk-President of the Olympic Committee and Sports Minister of Korea, in Lausanne. During the IOC session at this time, there is great change on how to choose the host city for the Olympics in the future. Accordingly, the provisions of the host city to be chosen seven years ago when the event has been deleted, at the same time encourage the Organization of a tournament in many cities.

Mr Lee Kee-heung claimed that the changes will bring them a good chance and stressed that the two regions of the Korean peninsula should work together to accomplish their goals. Locate this officials want to multiply two historical events – Korean American leaders met in the DMZ to convince the IOC awarded the rights to host the Olympic and Paralympic 2032 for the Korean Peninsula more than 10 years before the day of the event.

Bán đảo Triều Tiên hy vọng đăng cai Olympic 2032 sau “bước chân lịch sử”  - ảnh 1

News Agency Yonhap News quoted South Korea’s Lee said: “I have told the North Koreans that we must try to win the right to host in the year 2021. Sports Minister Kim Il-guk has suggested we send a formal request through the Ministry of unity”.

According to AFP, the two Mr. Lee and Kim also discussed the establishment of the joint team contested the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo (Japan) in the coming year. Accordingly, the two sides agreed to build a public team to attend the Olympic qualifying hockey content for women, women’s basketball, judo and sailing. However, the women’s hockey team South Korea had previously alone to attend the tournament types in Ireland earlier this month, due to the Korean side does not respond to suggest the organisation of common trainings.

Two of Mr. Lee and Kim also exchanged about the possibility of organizing a meeting between the President of the Democratic Republic of North Korea Kim Jong-un and President of Korea Moon Jae-in at the DMZ to help promote the process host right during the meeting of the General of the Council of National Olympic Committee will take place in Seoul in October 11.2020.







Top 4 Best Sports Events For Families

You love sport. And, before children, you are used to go to sports events at will. Now you need more planning, of course, but there are things your children should see with you before they get too old to want to be seen with you.

No wonder baseball comes first, with six of the top ten being baseball events. But there are also some surprises.

Rickwood Field

Built in 1910, Rickwood Field is America’s oldest baseball park. He has seen players like Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Joe Jackson and Willie Mays. Rickwood Field has never been more than a baseball stadium, and there’s no better way to forget the scandals that improve performance than to get back to the roots of the sport. Tuchman recommends visiting between February and October, and with free tickets available for most of the 200 events held each year in the field, the budget is easy.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Rickwood Field

Special Olympics

A non-profit organization targeting nearly 200 million people with intellectual disabilities worldwide, Special Olympics offers year-round training and competitions in 30 winter and summer sports similar to the Olympic Games every four years. July. Tuchman recommends celebrating the opening and closing ceremonies. He says these are the most anticipated celebrations of all the Special Olympics. He also recommends the sporting experience, a promotional event organized during the Games. Open to the public, it offers food, shows and opportunities to play games and compete with Special Olympics athletes. To prepare for your trip, volunteer in your area to help your local athletes. Your family can live a powerful and overwhelming journey without traveling anywhere.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Special Olympics

Fenway Park

Fenway Park, MLB’s oldest stadium, today houses the Boston Red Sox and the infamous green monster. The manual dashboards and pillars that hold the upper deck respect the tradition and the fans of the Red Sox are still fanatics. Tuchman recommends jumping into the T or taking the commuter train for the game, because of the excessive traffic around the stadium during matches. Head to the game early and stroll through Lansdowne Street or Yawkey Way just before the game. Check out the stadium before the match, it is very small and intimate and there is no bad place. Tuchman recommends attending a match in June because he thinks May is too busy in Boston for the graduation ceremonies at the many colleges in the area. In addition, he says to plan ahead because the tickets can be very difficult to obtain. Do not forget your baseball gloves if you find yourself in a fault section.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Fenway Park

Tennessee Lady Volunteers Basketball

Trained by Pat Summitt since 1974, the Lady Vols are the only team to have participated in all NCAA tournaments since the 1981-82 season, when the NCAA first sanctioned women’s sport. They appeared in 18 Final Fours and won eight NCAA titles, including an undefeated 1998- 1998 season. Summitt is the most successful coach in NCAA history in basketball, men or women, all divisions. She is also one of only two university coaches to have won 1,000 wins.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Lady Vols

Tuchman recommends sitting in your seat for the entire game. Every second should be appreciated. The best places are in sections 119-123. He also recommends the guest coach program for ultimate interaction. The Tennessee Sports Department chose one person per game to sit behind the coach, attend the half-time locker speech and be basically a fly on the wall for the post-game. In addition, pay particular attention to player introductions, they are considered the best in women’s basketball.