What is Ski Jumping at the Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics have many strange subjects compared to tropical countries. One of them is Ski Jumping. How is it competed and scored? Ski Jumping is known as downhill skiing.

The athletes climb to the high station that has been solidly built with a staircase that is a step up, on which there is a starting line. This is probably a bit like the slide games in water parks.

In addition, the art of performing during high-speed flight requires athletes to express their body. Good shape is also the method of calculating points along with the distance when landing at the end.

At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, there are three events for men, including regular hill slide, wide hill slide and team events. Women only have one team in normal hills.

Ski Jumping is a sport not for the faint of heart. By just looking at the athletes playing, many of you will be stunned. The process of playing this game is full of danger. Athletes start off by sliding extremely fast down a long slope.

Then, they slid up a gentle, gentle slope, then jumped into the air and didn’t forget to do a series of turns. In the end, they landed on both skis, continuing to move for a short distance before stopping easily!

It is important that when landing, the athlete must maneuver the skateboard along the slope to move it into a parabola. This is not easy because the body is also affected by vertical gravity.

Suppose if the athlete falls straight from above, the hard snow will stop all movement immediately. Such a sudden deceleration would cause an uneven impact on the body and break it into pieces.

However, this will not happen as long as the athlete slides down slowly along the designed slope. This will gradually decrease the speed, limiting the impact on the athlete’s body until they can stop.